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    [Xmas gifts] Shop Updates
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Special items for the Xmas period will be on sale!

    [Items for sale]
    - Droid X-mas Set
    Value set of a helmet of a mascot character, "HP Recovery L", and "SP Recovery L".

    - Beginners Weapon Box A
    Gift set of beginner weapons. Will receive a dagger, one hand sword, two hand sword and axe.

    - Beginners Weapon Box B
    Gift set of beginner weapons. Will receive a blunt weapon, bow, gun, and staff.

    [Item prices]
    - Droid X-mas Set : 1 Gem
    - Beginners Weapon Box A : 0 Gem (Free)
    - Beginners Weapon Box B : 0 Gem (Free)

    A Xmas limited set with the helmet of a mascot character inside will be for only 1 Gem!
    Also, the "Beginners Weapon Box" will be for free!
    * The "Droid X-mas Set", "Beginners Weapon Box A", and "Beginners Weapon Box B" will be only 1 per an account.

    Do not miss this chance only on sale during the Xmas period!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team