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    [April 2 Postscript][Important]Notice about renewing "Rebirth" function
    [April 2 Postscript]

    There has been a error with part of the process about "Succession Skill."
    The correct process is below.
    Additional Information
    - You will be able to learn "Succession Skill" as you have become a Job Master in targetted job, and then talking over to Advanced Classes NPC.

    We apologize for your confusion and incovenience.

    [March 26 Postscript]

    There has been additional description and explanation regarding newly added funtion.
    There is no similar system of allotting "Rebirth" status point in "Max Boost" system.
    Therefore, it is planned to reset all the character's status alotting situation. 
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE. 

    We will be implementing "Rebirth" function after the maintenance on March 28, 2018 (Wed)

    This is the renewal for the game's core function, and we are sorry for causing this trouble. We will be having updates and services for users to play enjoyably in the future.

    Function changes after renewal
    -"Rebirth" is renamed to "Max Boost."
    --There are changes in label "Rebirth" to "Max Boost" for Items, NPC, Map and Quests.
    --Ex. Item name "Rebirth Crystal" will be "Max Boost Crystal" and NPC "Rebirth Manager" will be "Max Boost Manager."

    --"Rebirth Crystals" will be renamed to "Max Bosst Crystals" automatically after renewal.[March 26 Postscript]

    -As "Max Boost" is activated, the level capacity will rise by 10.
    --Ex. If "Max Boost" is activated at Level 100, the character will be able to increase to level up to 110.
    --Even after Lv100, you will receive status point as leveling up by 1.[March 26 Postscript]

    -In order to activate "Max Boost," you will need to achieve "Maximum Level."
    --When the maximum levels are above 100, you have to be reached to the maximum level. ​

    -With characters that are already done with "Rebirth," the number of times of "Rebirth" is now replaced with number of "Max Boost" on status.
    --Ex. When the character is rebirthed 2 times, this will be "Max Boost," done twice, and the level will be raised to 120 automatically.
    ---After having Rebirth 2 times for the characters with below Lv100, this will be applied as activating "Max Boost" twice. Therefore, the level will automatically be increased to 110 to 119, according to current level and received EXP.[March 26 Postscript]

    -As "Max Bosst" has done, the below aspects are also transferred with "Max Boost."

    ---Unlike "Rebirth," there is no return to level 31.

    --Release of Adv Class
    ---Once the Adv Class is released, it will be released in "Max Boost" as well.

    --Class already registered
    ---You will not be lowered to class when "Max Boost" is done, and the class will stay the same.

    --Learned skills
    ---Learned skills will be transferred.

    --Alloted status 
    ---Status alloted are also transferred.

    --Accepted and completed quests
    ---There is no discard of quest already accepted as "Max Boost" is done.

    --User Raid's Reward Treasure Box
    ---You can also recieve reward treasure box after "Max Boost" is done as well.

    --Weapon and armors already equipped
    --Party participation

    -Changes in character creation's status default from 5 to 1.
    --STR/INT/VIT/MEN/DEX each status will be 1 and status point will be 20 to be alloted from the start.
    --When "Drill Book," "Restatus Scroll," or "Restatus Scroll R" is used, or when "Status Reset" was used at Class Manager NPC, each status will be 1 and recieve status point to be alotted.​

    -Changes in the maximum of alloting each status will be up to 300 as first "Max Boost" is activated.
    --After "Max Boost" is done twice, the maximum will be 300 across the board for character "Max Boost" has done.​

    -Changes from "Rebirth Skill" to "Succession Skill"
    -You will be able to learn "Succession Skill" from being mastered from some intended skills and after talking with Adv Class Manager NPC.
    - You will be able to learn "Succession Skill" as you have become a Job Master in targetted job, and then talking over to Advanced Classes NPC.[April 2 Postscript]
    --It will NOT automatically learned from "Max Boost."​
    --It can be acquired from character without having "Max Boost."[March 26 Postscript]
    --"Succession Skill" can also be acquired as Passive Skill.[March 26 Postscript]

    -Changes from "Re-Success Paper,""Re-Success Book,""Re-Success Book R" effects, to "Changing one of the breaks from Succession Skill."
    --When the player is not learned from "Succession Skill," you will not be able to use it.​

    -Changes with quest requirements to win "EX Skill's" "Skill Ring" will be "Being Job Master for intended EX Skills"
    --Quest can be accepted even the character is not done with "Max Boost." As long as Job Master is done, quest is accepted.​

    -Character's moving increased speed is applied no matter the numbers of "Max Boost" is done.
    --This will also be applied to those characters that "Max Boost" hasn't been done.​

    -Adjusting HP and SP's maximum increase amount
    --With changes in "Max Boost," HP and SP's maximum rate is recalculated.
    --It will be adjusted according to HP and SP basis, and the maximumlimited will not be deducted.[March 26 Postscript]

    -The damages attacked and to attack are corrected no matter the number of times of "Max Boost" is done for RE Monsters.
    -Dungeon, technical battle "RE" will be changed to "Max Boost"
    --There will be level limit to challenge the "Max Boost" dungeon.

    -Changes in name of Defense Line "RE Inside the Helios Tower all-out battle,"to "Max Boost Helios Tower all-out battle."
    --There will be level limit to challenge the "Max Boost Helios Tower all-out battle"

    Some of additional function with renewal
    -"Max Boost Quest" implemented instead of "Rebirth Quest."
    --"Max Boost Quest" will be weekly quest where you can only accept the quest once per week, regardless of number of "Max Boost."
    --There will be different reward from "Rebirth Quest."

    ---There will be Gems as Rewards like the past "Rebirth Quests."[March 26 Postscript]
    --"Max Boost Quest" will have level limit to accept the quest.​

    -"Play Rec" will be added to Lv101 and above.
    --It will be added when specific level is achieved.​
    We will add for leveling up from achievements after the renewal, not at the same time.[March 26 Postscript]

    -Implementing armor lv100 and above limited.[March 26 Postscript]
    --We are currently planning to add for normal armor.[March 26 Postscript]

    Functions to be removed after renewal
    -"Rift Stone 100R" sent from GM mail for first Rebirth bonus.
    --It will be transferred to "Max Boost" without any change, and removed this bonus.

    -Function when Gold being deducted for Rebirth.
    --This function will be removed due to "Max Boost" being "Characters that are reached to maximum level."​
    --With using "Max Boost Crystals" to use for "Max Boost," there will be no deduction with fees.[March 26 Postscript]

    -"Rebirth Limit" as party member recruitment after Defense Line room created.
    --This function will be removed as it changes to "Max Boost."

    -Rebirth Quest
    --This function will be removed as it changes to "Max Boost Quest."

    -"Rebirth Icon" next to Character name
    -"Number of Rebirth" in Character's profile.
    -"Rebirth Icon" and "Number of Rebirth" on Character Selection.
    -"Rebirthed Adv Class"Icon showing at Advanced Classes NPC.
    *"Rebirth Quest" that has been completed before this renewal can be reported, but can NOT accept it after as new quest.


    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team