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    Functions with Weekly Quests
    ​Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Details about "Max Boost Quest" and other weekly quests.

    Weekly quests are updated every Mondays 0:00.
    Those quests accepted from previous week will be invalidated after Monday's update.

    *Although there are numbers of defeated monsters and items collected will not be counted for progress.

    When you are accepting previous week's quest, you can talk over to Quest Manager NPC and automatically renunciated and accept new quest for the week.

    Examples of when weekly quests will not be progressed

    1. Accepting Weekly quest "Search the Grassland" on March 31 (Sat).
    2. And progressed (50%) through "Search the Grassland" on April 1 (Sun).
    3. And defeating target monsters in "Search the Grassland" on April 2 (Mon), and not talking over to Quest Manager NPC.

    From above circumstance, weekly quest will be updated on April 2 (Mon) 0:00, quest progress will be invalidated even going through process "3" of defeating monsters.
    Please try to talk over to Quest Manager NPC when there is weekly quest that is not progressing.

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.