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    About partial revision for Terms of Use
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE. 

    This is AVABEL Online Operation Team, notifying about partial revision for Terms of Use.

    Revision Date

    May 23rd, 2018

    Purpose of revision

    Adjustment for in-game currency's classification of paid/unpaid.
    *Please read the details from notice entitled, "About changes in display for paid and unpaid in-game currency, 'Magic Gems.'"​

    Excerpt from Article "2.1. IN-GAME CURRENCY" from Terms of Use
    2.1.1. Members will charge Magic Gems (In-Game Currencies) to their own Account from the prescribed methods and will be able to acquire individual contents (Such as items) from this Service by consuming the charged Magic Gems.

    2.1.2. There are "Unpaid Magic Gems" that are provided free of charge to members, and "Paid Magic Gems" where members can charge their account by purchasing according to the prices listed.

    2.1.3. Members will receive the amount of Paid Magic Gems according to the prices listed and will be charged to your Members Account by purchasing.

    2.1.4. Members will acquire individual contents by consuming the required Magic Gems to acquire the individual contents. When the specified amount of Magic Gems are certified within the amount of Magic Gems owned, the consuming Magic Gems will be deducted from your Members Account and the balance will be updated. Members cannot cancel the consumed Magic Gems or have Refunds to the acquired individual contents, excluding cases provided by law or by ASOBIMO.

    2.1.5. Members possessing both the Paid and Unpaid Magic Gems, the Unpaid Magic Gems will be consumed before the Paid Magic Gems. Each Magic Gem will be consumed in the order from the oldest time and date acquired.

    2.1.6. Magic Gems are to be only for the owned Account, and you cannot give, lend, sell, change names of the Magic Gems to another Account. Even if you own multiple Accounts, you cannot combine the Magic Gems from other Members Accounts.

    2.1.7. Members can check the Magic Gems balance, purchase history, and usage history at any time from the history page delivered from ASOBIMO. ASOBIMO will only update the history page and make no other notifications excluding cases provided in our policy.

    2.1.8. Magic Gems are Services incidental to the Members Account, and you cannot unregister only the Magic Gems Service.

    2.1.9. There is no expiration date for Magic Gems, however, Paid Magic Gems will be changed automatically into in-game contents (such as items) which ASOBIMO will specify according to the balance of the Paid Magic Gems upon reaching the 180 days from the date acquired.
    When acquiring the desired item, members should use the Paid Magic Gems within 180 Days to acquire the applicable item.

    Please check for confirmed details for AVABEL Online's Term of Use.

    *There may be changes in dates and details regarding the display of paid/unpaid Magic Gems.
    We will notify in advance when these changes happen in the future.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team