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    [6/19 1:50(GMT)Edit]About pack ticket after implementing Paid and Unpaid Magic Gems
    [6/19 1:50(GMT)Edit]

    We have completed all of correspondence regards to converting Pack Tickets to Unpaid Magic Gems on June 15, 2018, around 20:10.

    We have converted "1 Unpaid Magic Gem" from "1 Pack Ticket."

    If there are any inquiries about numbers of Unpaid Magic Gems after the correspondence, please contact us from the Title display "Menu">"Contact/FAQ."
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    After the maintenance and app update on May 23, 2018 (Wed),
    there will be changes in separately showing of in-game currency's "Magic Gem" to "Paid" and "Unpaid."

    Due to change above, we will be changing every owned pack ticket to "Unpaid Magic Gems."

    The conversion to unpaid Magic Gems will occur in order when maintenance starts. But it will take time to complete with all the changes.
    Therefore, we will install pack at the shop, to consume "1 Pack Ticket" to get "1 Unpaid Magic Gems," after the maintenance.
    For those users which takes time in change, please use this pack.

    ▼Pack installed after maintenance.

    [Pack Name]
    From Pack Ticket to Unpaid Magic Gems


    1 spin 1 Pack Ticket
    10 spins 10 Pack Tickets

    [Winning Line-ups]
    1 Unpaid Magic Gem

    *Please note that if you change the platform according to the Asobimo account, it will be converted to Unpaid Magic Gems at the "first logged in platform" on the last login date.
    *Even if you use the above pack, we will convert the number of owned at that point into Unpaid Magic Gems for customers who have pack tickets when it comes to order of conversion.
    *In case of not using above Pack, pack tickets will be changed to Unpaid Magic Gems in order.

    Also,the pack tickets received from log-in bonus, achievements, and quests will become "Unpaid Magic Gems" with the same amount.

    *There will be no changes in amount and receiving places.

    Also, "Unpaid Magic Gems" can be used as "Magic Gems" at the shop, and will be able to purchase items and products that was only purchased with specific tickets.
    ▼Magic Gems owned prior to the start of maintenance
    This will all be "Paid Magic Gems"​

    ▼Pack Tickets owned before the procedure
    This will all be "Unpaid Magic Gems"
    If you already own "10 Magic Gems" and "20 Pack Tickets" before the maintenance,
    you will be owning "10 Paid Magic Gems" and "20 Unpaid Magic Gems".
    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team