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    [Important] Regarding the ASOBIMO Phone Number Verfication
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We are planned to incorporate "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verfication" from late June update.
    "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verification" is a verification system using a phone number (SMS: short message service).
    Users will be able to manage game data of AVABEL Online through receiving SMS with certificate number issued each time.

    When transferring game data to another device, start-up AVABEL Online and input the registered "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verification" to continue playing from the same game data.

    * In order to register for "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verfication," you will need device that allows SMS.
    It will not be available to those wsers who don't have the SMS system, we will not be able to send verfication number.

    In incorporating "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verfication," the "ASOBIMO Account" system will terminate the new registration, and Email address already registered can not be changed as well.

    *For those users who are planning to transfer game data from ASOBIMO Account, please register to "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verfication" as soon as possible.

    We kindly request for continued support of "AVABEL ONLINE".
    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team