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    [10/23 07:55(GMT)edit] 10/23 [Big Update] Added 57F, new floor! Also holding event to get more ORBs!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Here are the details for updated details for 2019/10/23 maintenance and app version update.

    After the latest app version is official, and the dialogue appears that update is required when the app is launched,
    please install the latest version app from app stores according to your platform.
    [Notice for cancellation of Update]
    Regarding [Setting upper cap for status] for today's update, we have decided not to include within the update for today.
    We will notify once the date for addition is confirmed.
    We deeply apologize for the incovenience caused.

    The 3rd of the new floors is now open!  Monsters attacking the Farm! New floor "Farm 3rd Floor" is now available!
    The event that "supports raising your level at Main Tower" is now available with Halloween!
    Updated details
    The 3rd of the new floors is now open!  Monsters attacking the Farm! New floor "Farm 3rd Floor" is now available!

    The Third floor of "Farm floor" " 57F - Budwei -" is newly added!

    As stars shine, while in the middle of the Harvest at Farm...
    But strong monsters are attacking the Farm!!

    Let's go out for a new adventure!!

    Also, we will be adding new limited quests for new floors as well !
    Don't miss this chance to get ORBs from the monsters on the new floors as well♪
    The event that "supports raising your level at Main Tower" is now available with Halloween!

    About Event
     "Main Tower Rush" will start!

    Normal monsters appear more at "Main Tower 1F to 54F"!!

    What's more, respawn time for boss will be 
    Event Period
    From 10/23/2019 after the maintenance  until 11/6/2019 04:59(GMT)
     Updated details[Adjusting the Skills]>> There will be adjustment of skills for some basic class and advanced class.

    [Adding 14 stars of Rune Arms]>> 14 stars will be added to Rune Arms.
    - Due to this, there will be adjustments for adding status for 1 to 13 stars of Rune Arms.
    - You can only purchase 14 stars of Rune Arms at the Shop.

    [Setting upper cap for status]>> There will be upper cap for STR,INT,VIT,MEN,DEX status.
    - Each status' upper limit (from here on: upper limit) will be set to be up to 7200.
    - Upper limit will be 20x of character level.
    Ex: If Lv320, the upper limit will be "6400," if Lv200, the upper limit will be "4000," if Lv80, upper limit will be "1600."
    - Please note that this is not just for raising status, but also upper limit of buff, ORBs and Rune Arms according to each skills.
    - Raising of each status for buff skills, effects for upper caps.
    * Please note that the debuff that occurs when using the buff skill will be effective even if the upper limit is reached.

    [Change/Add to the functions to lock items]- Now the items can be moved although its locked.
    - Some items and arms locked cannot be used as material.

    [Changes in number of times to delete character]>> There will be following limitations regarding the number of times to delete character.
    - The number of times to delete characters will be up to 3 times per day, and up to 10 times for account.
    - Please note that you cannot delete characters more than 10 times due to this limitation.
    - You can delete the characters with "Character Deletion Ticket" if you have already delted your characters more than 10 times.
    - There will be number of times left to delete the characters on the display of character deletion.
    - When the limit for number of times to delete character is reached, purchasing page for "Character Deletion Ticket" will be shown.

    [Product Name]​
    Character Deletion Ticket

    [Item price]
    1 Gems

    [Sales category]

    [Other Update Details]・Now able to expert evolve the items without taking out from the Sharing Case.
    ・Due to the raising of ATK and MATK for Mevius Arms, each Boss Skill Rings' skill rate will be adjusted.
    ・Dash sealing effect will be changed to Abnormal Status.
    └ Dash sealing will be shown on icon.
    └ Dash sealing will be added to resistant effect.

    ・Some recipes at the Synthesis will be changed.
    ・There will be changes with the selling price of the items.

    ・There will be some changes for Tutorial.

    ・When selecting multiple ways with expert evolve, the selected ways are shown in colors to be more visible.

    ・When taking out items at once from Shop Box, it is now able to retrieve it at once in to the Bag.
    * Items that cannot be retrieved at once will be shown.

    Bug Fixes- Fixed an issue of "Shield Avatar" not being included in Bag or Storage's "Avatar" filter category.
    - Fixed an issue of able to receive Friend Requests as logging in, although it was cancelled at first.
    - Other fixes for small issues.

    We kindly request for continued support to AVABEL ONLINE.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team