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    Break your limits! The Round 1 of Enlightened Awaken Class is added!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We have added "The Round 1 of Enlightened Awaken Class" at the maintenance on December 26, 2019!

    What is Enlightened Awaken Class?Enlightened Awaken Classes are new Class that inherits two specific Awaken Classes' powers.
    You can learn "Enlightened Awaken Skills" by enhancing 2 Awaken Class' skills that have job-mastered for Enlightened Awaken Class!

    Introduce you the 1st Enlightened Awaken Class with powerful Enlightened Awaken Skills!Warrior typeLaevatein, the master of swords and hellfire.

    [Awaken Class necessary to be Job-master]
    >>Prominence Night
    >>Blade Master

    Enlightened Awaken Class' skills”Super Nova”
    Slash forward to create hellfire from the ground.

    Magician typeAnnihilator, the sorcerer of flame and ice for destruction.

    [Awaken Class necessary to be Job-master]
    >>Grand Magus

    Enlightened Awaken Class' skills”Annihilation”
    Destroy everything around you with the power of ice and fire.

    Ranger typeIris, the hunter to shoot magical arrows.

    [Awaken Class necessary to be Job-master]
    >>Frost Archer

    Enlightened Awaken Class' skills”Rainbow Fall”
    Magical arrows shoots up to the sky and rainbow arrows rain down in front.

    Acolyte typeEden, the healer with blessings from archangels.

    [Awaken Class necessary to be Job-master]

    Enlightened Awaken Class' skills”Grace from Archangel”
    Calls archangel, and recovers allies' HP and abnormal status.

    Rogue typeMorrigan, the assassin from the dark shadows.

    [Awaken Class necessary to be Job-master]
    >>Shadow Dancer
    >>Storm Crow

    Enlightened Awaken Class' skills”Dark Wings”
    Fly forward by spinning, and scatter feathers.

    Creator typeLapidary, the legendary artisan to control crystals.

    [Awaken Class necessary to be Job-master]
    >>Axe Riser

    Enlightened Awaken Class' skills”Crystal Field”
    Disperses crystals in the field, and increase the allies' element attack in the field and reduces enemy's element resistance in the field.

    Wanderer typeDragoon, the conqueror to embraced the power of dragon.

    [Awaken Class necessary to be Job-master]
    >>Drake Guardian

    Enlightened Awaken Class' skills”Dragonic Spear”
    Rush forward by embracing dragon's will.
    Able to change direction of the rush with additional taps.
    Can activate maximum of 3 times.

    Revenger typeNosferatu, the general to commands the troops of underworld.

    [Awaken Class necessary to be Job-master]
    >>Demon Eater

    Enlightened Awaken Class' skills”Demon Wolf”
    Calls out the pack of wolves, and launches serial attack.

    Summoner typeValhalla, the elegant summoner loved by goddesses.

    [Awaken Class necessary to be Job-master]

    Enlightened Awaken Class' skills”Beautiful Screw”
    An extra large beam is radiated to front with the link of the dragon and the wolf.

    How to change class to Enlightened Awaken ClassYou will need to fulfill the following two conditions in order to change class.

    >>> Conditions to change to Enlightened Awaken Class
    - Character's levels are over 300.
    - 2 specified Awaken Class are job-mastered.

    With above conditions met, you can change class by talking to "Class Change Helen" in the bases.
    About Enlightened Awaken Class' skills>>Enlightened Class can only use skills when equipped with certain weapons.
    ・Weapons that can use the skills that Enlightened Class learns.

    Laevatein:One Hand Sword, Two Hand Sword
    Annihilator:One Hand Rod, Two Hand Rod
    Iris:Two Hand Bow
    Eden:Blunt Weapon, One Hand Rod, Two Hand Rod
    Morrigan:Dagger, One Hand Sword
    Lapidary:Blunt Weapon, Axe
    Dragoon:Two Hand Spear, One Hand Spear
    Nosferatu:Dagger, Knuckle

    >>You cannot use the following skills for Enlightened Awaken Classes
    - Basic Class Skill
    - Advanced Class Skills
    - Awaken Class Skills
    - RE Skills
    - Master Skills
    *The following skills will be exceptional.
    - Dash
    - Armor Change
    - First Aid
    - Planning
    - Attack
    - Jump
    - Evade
    - Skill Boost
    - Mounts

    >>You will need to use two of Awaken Class' EX skills for changing class to Enlightened Awaken Class.

    >>The Jexp starts from "0" for Enlightened Awaken Class.

    Let's try out the ultimate powers of Enlightened Awaken Class!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team