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    Reset the "Gems Purchase Campaign"!Addition of various ORB BOX! Introducing the renewed "Gems Purchase Campaign"! !
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    A variety of ORB BOX were added to the "Gems Purchase Campaign" and renewed!
    In addition to introducing the new item "Nemesis ORB BOX", luxurious items such as "Kitty ORB Box" and "RE ORB BOX" have also joined the lineup ♪

    What is the Nemesis ORB BOX?An item that will help you obtain either a "STR", "INT", "VIT", "MEN", or "DEX" Nemesis ORB with use.​

    There are five types of Nemesis ORB, "STR", "INT", "VIT", "MEN", "DEX", which have the effect of increasing their corresponding status by +10.
    Additionally, Nemesis ORB is an ORB that can attach to every equipments except for accessories.

    Don't miss the opportunity to obtain luxury items at a great price!
    Campaign Dates2/1/2020 15:00 (GMT) - 2/3/2020 4:59 (GMT)
    Gifted items
    Total Gems Purchased Gifted items
    [ 1 Gem purchase ] Miracle Water
    [ 5 Gems purchase ] Green Stardust Bk
    [ 15 Gems purchase ] DP Water+
    [ 27 Gems purchase ] Red Stardust Bk
    [ 50 Gems purchase ] Blue Stardust Bk
    Pure ORB Vessel
    [ 70 Gems purchase ] Olion x10
    [ 100 Gems purchase ] ORB Remover ∞
    Rainbow Stardust Bk
    [ 150 Gems purchase ] Rainbow Shooting Star Bk
    [ 200 Gems purchase ] Evolution Gangue
    DP Water+ x5
    [ 250 Gems purchase ] Inviting Cat ORB Box
    Rainbow Meteor Bk
    [ 300 Gems purchase ] Big Rune BOX G
    Big Astra BOX G
    Refine Pilot Light Box (99)
    Inviting Cat ORB Box​
    [ 400 Gems purchase ] Slot Release 100
    Rainbow Bright Star Bk
    [ 500 Gems purchase ] Rift Stone 100
    Rainbow Garish Star Bk
    Kitty ORB Box​
    [ 600 Gems purchase ] Awake Crystal
    Nemesis ORB BOX​
    Notes* Please note that the extra gifted Gem(s) from "First Time Gems Purchase Campaign" will not be counted on the "Gems Purchase campaign".
    * The Gems purchased during the campaign period will be added cumulatively.
    * Only 1 time per account.
    * Gifted items will be transferred to the Shop BOX automatically when purchased the specified amount of Gems.
    * Players that have changed devices during the campaign period will not be applied to the campaign at the point when changed devices.

    * Date and time for this campaign may subject to change.

    Don't miss this chance!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team