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    [1/22 03:20(GMT) Edit] 1/22 Notice for update

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Here are the details for updated details for 2020/1/22 maintenance and app version update.

    Campaign details- Campaigns "Main Tower Rush" and "DP Half-off Campaign"opens for two weeks!
    Here for more Campaign details

    Updated details - The raising effect will be up to +60% for ORBs to raise HP.
    * Total will be up to +60%, regardless of equipped arms.
    Ex) : If the ORB is +10% for HP, it will be +30% when equipping 3, and +50% when equipping 5.

    >>>  14 and 15 stars of Astra Arms is added.
    - You can only purchase 14 and 15 stars of Astra Arms at Shop.

    - When re-logging in while on Mount, the player will be off the Mount forcefully.[1/22 02:10(GMT) Edit]
    Bug Fixes
    - Issue of not being able to login to Ilse Map.[1/22 03:20(GMT) Edit]

    - Modified the small bug.


    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team