MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」

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    Private Rush Ticket x3/私人火拼券 x3

    We will be selling the "Private Rush Ticket" for you to join [Private Rush] to get a massive amount of EXPs!

    You can join [Private Rush] from "Technical Battle Enns" in "Quest/Dungeon Reception," and choose from [Guild] or [Rush] to join.

    [Item Product]
    Private Rush Ticket x3

    [Item price]
    * Able to purchase with Paid Gems only.

    *In order to join the [Private Rush], all the participants need Private Rush Ticket.
    *Please note that there may be times to end or change the sale.
    *There may be a re-sale for limited-time-only items even after the sale period.



    私人火拼券 x3