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    Announcement on the Astra and Rune weapon type adjustment/新星、卢恩武器种类调整公告
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We will inform you on the adjustment on the Astra and Rune weapon types..

    We will reorganize the weapon types
    • We will be reorganizing weapon types from 14 to 8, due to the difficulties collecting equipment has become higher, that are necessary for raising the weapon types for class and skill
    • We are scheduled to adjust the ability in order to not lower the physical attack and magic attack, due to the integration
    ※There is no change in the enhance level during the conversion
    Original weapon types (14) After reorganizing weapon (8)
    Dagger、One Hand Sword Dagger
    Two Hand Sword Two Hand Sword
    Axe、Blunt Weapon Blunt Weapon
    Hand Gun、Two Hand Gun Hand Gun
    Two Hand Bow Two Hand Bow
    Knuckle Knuckle
    *Change to 1H to 2H Weapon
    Two Hand Rod、One Hand Rod、Magi One Hand Rod
    Two Hand Spear、One Hand Spear One Hand Spear

    Names will be changed
    • We will change the name to make it easier to understand
    Ex) Blaze Astra Dagger → Astra Fire Dagger
    Ex) Genma Rune Dagger → Rune Dagger

    We will be notifying with this notice whenever there will be additional and updated information.
    Thank you for all of your support, and we hope to you to enjoy AVABEL ONLINE.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team


    • 由于职业与技能需要,武器种类过于繁多造成入手困难,因此武器种类将由14变更为8种
    • 为避免本次统合造成物理攻击、魔法攻击降低,我们将同时调整武器性能
    原本的武器种类(14) 统合并废除后的武器种类(8)
    短剑、单手剑 短剑
    双手剑 双手剑
    斧头、钝器 钝器
    手枪、两手枪 手枪
    双手弓 双手弓
    指套 指套
    双手杖、单手杖、魔板 单手杖
    双手枪、单手枪 单手枪

    • 变更名称使之更加简单易懂