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    Changes on supported OS /对应OS变更公告

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Currently, AVABEL ONLINE iOS version is compatible with ["iOS8.0"] or later devices.
    Due to the process for future updates, We will be changing the recommended device version to "iOS 11.0 version or later" for latest app scheduled to release on 11/18, 2020 and later versions in the future.

    [Requirement Changes]
    - Before
    Supports ["iOS8.0"] or later devices
    - After
    Supports ["iOS11.0"] or later devices

    * Game play will no longer be available for devices with versions ["iOS10.0"] or before.

    [Scheduled Date of Changes]
    latest app scheduled to release on 11/18, 2020 

    Please note that if your device is using the OS version ["iOS10.0"] or before, "Character Transfer"s will be required for devices that have performed "OS Update"s or devices with ["iOS11.0"] or later.

    [How to check your OS version]

    Setting > General > About > Version

    [Character Transfer]

    - How to keep your characters after OS updates or device changes
    User account and character information are authenticated from the information saved in your devices at the initial app launch.
    You can keep your data and continue to play with the characters by using "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verification" before you update the OS or change devices.

    What is "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verification"?
    This is a new account system of being able to log-in to AVABEL Online's game data through receiving SMS with certificate number issued each time.
    Even if you change to a new device due to break or loss, if you have registered with "Phone Number that can receive SMS," you can issue "Verification number" and continue to play with the same game data.

    There may be different controls and process to be conducted to change the device according to device using.
    Please check the below page for more details, and please conduct carefully according to the process for your device at your own discretion.

    >>> Here are details regarding "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verification"

    * Without using "ASOBIMO Phone Number Verification", your current characters and account data will be lost when you perform the following:

    - Device changes
    - Device factory reset
    - Device system restoration

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your cooperation.
    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team

    感谢您一直以来对「阿瓦贝尔战纪 ~AVABEL ONLINE~」的支持。

    目前AVABEL ONLINE推荐的使用环境为「【iOS8.0】以后的对应机种」,但由於系统不断更新,今后将难以支援【iOS10.0】以前的OS,故预计於2020年11月18日发布最新版应用程式后,建议执行环境变更为「应对iOS11.0以上的装置」。






    设定 > 一般 > 资讯 > 版本




    >>> 「ASOBIMO电话验证」详情在此




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