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    7/14:版本更新情報/Update Information
    Regular maintenance ended on 7/14 14:02
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We have updated to details below from maintenance on 7/14
    We will conduct Regular maintenance for the below dates.

    Conducting date
    JST:2021/7/14 14:00

    *Please note that you will not be able to login to the game during maintenance.
    *Please note in advance there may round time.
    *We will inform you with more details regarding completing the maintenance.

    Correspondence Details
    Update Information Details
    We have moved NPC Perseus to the inside the counter of Revere  
    Adjusting the deliver values and enhancement material Exp of some items  
    The status/skill point achievement quest for [Deliver] will be changed from Roy to Perseus  
    Eliminating the difference in CT between 1H Weapon and have it unify with other weapon types  
    Adjusting the ATK/MATK of the Mevius Weapon ★25 and below  
    We will be adjusting the size for some monsters  
    Adjusting the skills of Saber [Target]
    ・Abyss Zone
    =HIT interval adjustment
    Expanding the map that you can use the “Open All” of items when you are fully subscribed to the monthly courses “Open All” can be used in the following areas
    ・My Room ・Event Square
    ・Official PvP Reception
    ・Interaction PvP Reception
    ・Tower Scramble Reception
    ・User Raid Start Map
    “Tournament” will be added to the Ranking Menu ・You will be able to check the PvP/GvG/1on1 Tournament information
    ・Check from “Community” → “Rankings” → “Tournament”
    *You will be able to see the five latest qualifiers that have started
    Adding “Max"" to the number of players displayed in the config ・The setting will allow up to 50 players will be displayed in the screen
    ・You can set it from “Options” → “Config” →”Graphic”
    *It will not be reflected during PvP
    “Synthesis" will be able to produce more than 999 items at a time  
    The number of avatars that can be traded at once from “Avatar Points Nao” will be increased to “250”  
    Issues to be fixed Details
    Fixing the issue where the display of avatar accessory would not update until the Avatar Equipment screen was reopened after unlocking the 6th, 7th, or 8th slots  
    Fixing the issue in the shop where the motion of "Emotion" would be played back if you looked at the preview of the "Avatar” after looking at the preview of "Emotion"  
    Fixing an issue where only 8 players could enter the “[Guild Only] Ultra Material Dungeon”, and the number of floors was not as expected  
    Fixing an issue where the Nemesis skill "Titano Machia Lv3-Lv5" does not activate as expected  
    Fixing an issue where the skill "Expiation Fierce Attacks" did not hit as expected  
    Completed Details
    50%-off DP starts![Advent dungeon] ~JST:2021/7/14 13:59
      Opening Events

    Opening Events Details
    Limited time challenge dungeon achievements added Period: JST 2021/6/9 after maintenance ~
    Limited time challenge dungeon is now available and can be challenged with consumption DP1
    You can get each reward from achievements by clearing it a specified number of times
    Limited time Defense Line added Period: JST 2021/6/16 after maintenance ~
    Limited time Defense Line is now available and can be challenged with consumption DP1
    Reward is only available by clearing SSS rank
    Limited Time Technical Battle Added Period: JST 2021/6/16 after maintenance ~
    ・Limited time Technical Battle is now available and can be challenged with consumption DP1
    ・Acquired reward will vary depending on the number of defeats within the time limit
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    (7/14 14:02後記)
    定期維護已於 7/14 14:02結束

    版本更新情報 詳情
    调整骁勇剑士的技能 【对象】
    购买月费全套方案时可使用的道具「全部打开」功能,可执行地图增加 以下地点都可以执行「全部打开」
    排名选单中追加「淘汰赛」项目 ・可以确认PvP/GvG/1on1大赛的淘汰赛讯息
    环境设置中的显示人数追加「最多」 ・可透过「选项」→「配置」→「画面」设定
    應對異常現象 詳情
    修正完畢 詳情
    DP减半活动(降临迷宫) ~GMT:2021/7/14 4:59

    開辦活動情報 詳情
    追加期间限定挑战迷宫成就 举办期间:JST日本时间 2021/6/9 维护后~
    期间限定挑战迷宫登场,玩家可消耗DP1进行挑战 通关指定次数後,可通过成就获得各种报酬
    追加期间限定的防卫战 举办期间:JST日本时间 2021/6/16 维护后~
    追加期间限定技巧对战 举办期间:JST日本时间 2021/6/16 维护后~

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