MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」


    [8th Anniversary] Up to 888 Gems & a chance to win 88 Gems Present Campaign!!/【8週年紀念】最大可得888魔石&抽選可得88魔石好禮活動開辦啦!!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Depending on the total number of Gems purchased during the period, you will receive up to 888 Gems!

    In addition, 8 players will be chosen by lottery from the entire world outside of Japan who have purchased a total of 88 Gems or more of the applicable item during the event period!
    Campaign Dates(GMT) 2021/07/18 15:00 (GMT) ~ 2021/07/25 14:59 (GMT)
    Gifted items
    Total Gems Purchased Gifted items
    50 Gems purchase 88 Gems
    100 Gems purchase 30 Gems (Total:118Gems)
    150 Gems purchase 30 Gems (Total:148Gems)
    200 Gems purchase 88 Gems (Total:236Gems)
    250 Gems purchase 30 Gems (Total:266Gems)
    300 Gems purchase 30 Gems (Total:296Gems)
    350 Gems purchase 88 Gems (Total:384Gems)
    400 Gems purchase 30 Gems (Total:414Gems)
    450 Gems purchase 30 Gems (Total:444Gems)
    500 Gems purchase 88 Gems (Total:532Gems)
    550 Gems purchase 40 Gems (Total:572Gems)
    600 Gems purchase 40 Gems (Total:612Gems)
    650 Gems purchase 88 Gems (Total:700Gems)
    700 Gems purchase 50 Gems (Total:750Gems)
    750 Gems purchase 50 Gems (Total:800Gems)
    800 Gems purchase 88 Gems (Total:888Gems)
    Chance to win 88 Gems Present Campaign!!Campaign Dates(GMT) 2021/07/18 15:00 (GMT) ~ 2021/07/25 14:59 (GMT)

    Lottery Eligibility Those who purchased 88 total Gems of the applicable item within the event period

    If you are selected If you are selected after carefully being drawn, we will distribute them to the winning account.
    Also, we will notify you individually through the in-game mail.

    Notes*Gems that are gifted will all be Unpaid Gems.
    *Please note that the extra Gem(s) from the "First Time Gems Purchase Campaign" or any extra Gem(s) other than the gifted gems will not be counted towards the total number of Gems purchased.
    *It will be gifted to the "first platform that that you login with" once the total number of Gems purchased during the period has been reached.
    *Date and time of this campaign may be subject to change.
    *Only 1 selection per account.
    *If you have been selected, we will distribute the Gems in-game within 2 weeks after the end of the campaign.

    Don't miss this chance to get more Gems at reasonable price♪

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    感谢您一直以来对「阿瓦贝尔战纪 ~AVABEL ONLINE~」的支持。

    根據期間內購買的對象商品魔石總數,可獲得相應 魔石禮物,最多可獲贈888個!

    活动期间(JST) 2021/07/19 00:00 ~ 2021/07/25 23:59
    活动对象魔石数 赠送內容
    累计购入 50魔石 88魔石
    累计购入 100魔石 30魔石 (总计:118个)
    累计购入 150魔石 30魔石 (总计:148个)
    累计购入 200魔石 88魔石 (总计:236个)
    累计购入 250魔石 30魔石 (总计:266个)
    累计购入 300魔石 30魔石 (总计:296个)
    累计购入 350魔石 88魔石 (总计:384个)
    累计购入 400魔石 30魔石 (总计:414个)
    累计购入 450魔石 30魔石 (总计:444个)
    累计购入 500魔石 88魔石 (总计:532个)
    累计购入 550魔石 40魔石 (总计:572个)
    累计购入 600魔石 40魔石 (总计:612个)
    累计购入 650魔石 88魔石 (总计:700个)
    累计购入 700魔石 50魔石 (总计:750个)
    累计购入 750魔石 50魔石 (总计:800个)
    累计购入 800魔石 88魔石 (总计:888个)
    【8周年纪念】抽选可得88魔石好礼活动开办啦!!活动期间(JST) 2021/07/19 00:00 ~ 2021/07/25 23:59

    抽選対象 期间内共计购买88魔石以上对象商品的玩家

    当选流程 会经过严格公正的抽选后,我们将向入选的玩家帐号汇入魔石。



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