MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」

Class Profiles

  • An expert in close combat with
    high attack and defense.
    A class that is in frontline
    by always attacking.

  • A class that battles with
    magic and abundant knowledge.
    They will sweep all the enemies
    with their powerful magic.

  • A marksman that mainly uses fire attacks
    from far distances.
    A multi type that can cover from
    mid to far distances.

  • A class that takes part in
    recovery and defense with the holy protection.
    A must have in a party
    for both offense and defense.

  • A class that attack the enemy
    with speedy and tricky moves.
    Also uses skills useful for evading,
    as well as skills which inflict
    abnormal status to opponents.

  • A class that handles both fighting
    and manufacturing skills.
    Their one-and-only skills allow
    them to combine items,
    or even use items in their own ways.

  • A class that wanders
    around the world from their inquiring mind.
    Has skills that are unique among
    other classes,
    and are also capable of supporting
    in the battle.

  • Class that show
    the true power
    when cornered.
    Managing self HP
    is the key.

  • Job to attack
    by summoning.
    Bring out the blow
    of each element.